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Wine tours

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Wine Tours

Coming from the region of Bordeaux in France, I have a certain expertise on wine. After having visited a lot of wineries in Chile, I made of my choice on several wineries witch for me are relevant and interesting. I’m not fun in massive wine tours.

We offer tours in 5 different valleys:

Maipo valley near Santiago, Casablanca and San Antonio Valleys famous for white wines, the top Colchagua Valley and the Aconcagua valley more in the north.


Elected in 2005 as the best wine region of the world, where you can find 4 wineries elected in the top 50 best world wineries of 2019: at 6th position equality for the wineries Montes and Clos APALTA, VIK winery in position 14th and VIU MANENT in the 23rd position.  In the valley you will also find the Colchagua Museum, the biggest private museum in South America, and many interesting restaurants.


Between the coastal mountains and the Pacific. Many options of wineries with a lot of boutique vineyards who give you a particular attention, Possibility to have a gourmet lunch with wine pairing at one of the wineries.


Where are many options of tours, we like to offer two completely different wineries in the same day.

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