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Archaelogical Trekking

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Archaelogical Trekking

Tagua Tagua with kayak

Trekking and kayak to discover more than 12.000 years of history.

Tagua Tagua is renowned fot its ancient archaeogical and paleontological evidence demonstrating that the human presence for at least 12 thousand years ago. We use you can visit the oldest indigenous cemetry of our country, Cuchipuy (6.800 B.C-1.300 A.C), the southernmost inca fortress of America, (Pucará CERRO LA MURALLA (1.530-1670 A.C), a number of wetlands and its avifauna, the Museum School Taguatagua Lagoon (MELT) among others.


Together with this, the beautifull and peaceful landscapes that invite  you to rest and relaxation.



  •   8:00 AM Pick up at your hotel
  • 10:00 AM Arriving at Taguatagua Lagoon
  • 10:30 AM Visit of the indigenous cemetery of Cochipuy
  • Than trekking at the Inca Fortress of La MURALLA Hill Pucará. At the top you will find some defensives walls, fossils
  • 1:00 PM Pick Nick including wines of the area and natural fruits juice.
  • 2 :00 PM Visit of the Museum archeological and paleontological School Taguatagua Lagoon (MELT) fossils of Gomphotherium (extinct genus of proboscid) fossils of the American Horse (discover in 1848)
  • 2 :30 PM Trip in Kayak to discover the place where have been found the Gomphoterium fossils, trip on a quiet river, we few since of civilization.
  • 4 :30 PM Brindi with Pisco sour
  • 5 :00 Trip back to Santiago
  • 7 :00 Arriving to your hotel

Do not forget: swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, cap, sport shoes.

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