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Horseback Riding

Cabalgata Cordillera de los Andes- Alicahue

(5 days of ride with 6 hours of horse ride per day in total freedom) A trip that leads to the birth of the cordilleran waters which will presents you with braking mountains ranges. You will be able to enjoy the most spectacular views of the Andes, and Chilean protected animals species such as the Guanaco, the Condor, the Piuquenes,…. Also beautiful flowers indigenous of the area. You will enjoy a delicious lunch cooked in the embers of a fire every night, and sleep under one of the most stunning starry skies to reach the milestone boundary between Chile and Argentina, enjoying the company of goatherds grazing their animals in these verandas making their goat chess at the same time.


Horseback ride San Pedro de Atacama

cabalgata San Pedro de Atacama

An out of time trip in the desert of northern Chile. At the horse cadence, in a wild landscape riding on ancient paths, such as the famous “Camino del Inca” which was later on used by Spanish conquistadors. You will ride out of the traditional paths, allowing a unique approach of the people who leaves in the small typical villages that cross this expedition.

A 11 days trip, free of established roads, which runs through some of the most ancient indigenous settlements between Chiu Chiu and San Pedro de Atacama.

Full moon ride


Under the moonlight you will cross the sand dunes enjoying an unforgettable experience. After two hours of horseback riding, you will stop around a fire to enjoy typical Chilean drinks and homemade cheeses, listening to live music including the typical Chilean melody the “cueca” . After this party around the fire you will ride again and finish the trip, galloping next to the waves on the beach where the moon is reflected in the sea.

Horseback riding in the dunes


3 hours of ride in which you will cross a river, pass thru a forest, enter the Dunes area and gallop on the seashore. You will be able to see many migration birds. If you want it you can finish the tour with a typical Chilean Barbecue.